What is a Moonshot?

Well, Google defines it as

“A project or proposal that:

  1. Addresses a huge problem
  2. Proposes a radical solution
  3. Uses breakthrough technology”

We see it as addressing a major problem by creating new possibilities for organizations to earn money and make the world a better place.

Some of our previous moonshots have been:

2015-present Research and Logistics coordination for Horse transport Brazil>Europe

Some horses give a false positive to the cELISA test for Piroplasmosis, coordination with USDA researchers, equine logistics firms to bring a horse to Europe.

2015-6  – the world’s first underwater hotel

Goal: create financially viable luxury tourism product that would contribute to coral reef restoration through actual restoration projects using Biorock(tm) and local community capacity-building.

2008-2012 Cine Gaia: Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden International Environmental Film Festival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s first international environmental film festival.

Goal: raising profile of Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden and its Research Institute while engaging different communities and promoting scientific dissemination.