We are a strategy consulting firm focused on creating financially viable innovative solutions that align sustainable practices and social inclusion. Our clients include businesses, non-profit organizations and academic projects or programs.

We benefit from our creativity and innovative approach to identify new ways of doing things.

Fields of expertise:
Strategy, negotiation, business development, partnerships, governance, stakeholder mediation, transparency, creativity

We help you expand your business into new markets

Strategy consulting:

Let us help you identify blindspots, find solutions and implement them so that all stakeholders feel valued.



Implementation of strategy


  • Dive into research & strategic relationship building & management
    1. on reputation, offer, statistics, fact-finding missions
    2. Co-learning & fact-finding

DELIVERABLE: summary of findings, including potential partnerships

  • Creative idea mapping
    1. Drawing from past experiences, networks, visual & physical arts
  • Positive sum deliverable
    1. High view strategy & mission
    2. Implementation program with specific strategies
    3. Accompaniment
    4. Coaching


Ever had to sit through training that made you want to eat chalk?

We offer training by experts who are personable and know how to make content interesting.  Our goal is to engage you and your team to reflect and leave with takeaways that you can implement in your organization:

organizational behavior improvement

balanced life workshops


sustainable development

social inclusion

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Experienced negotiator with more than 10 years of experience mediating between different stakeholders in different risk situations and negotiating contracts.

We help you find win-win solutions to create beneficial long-term relationships.

Our methodology applies the work of Larry Susskind (Mediator, MIT Professor) as learned from his Entrepreneurial Negotiations the MIT Way.